Monday, September 1, 2014

The Boob Tee

There is nothing more I love than a little bit of sneaky offensivity when it comes to an outfit. I'm not talking about fishnet tights and unforgiving cleavage(wether from a low-cut top or a see through shirt) but from bra-imprinted body suits or daring hem lines. Something specifically like this boob-tee, courtesy of the lovely, the one and only Neverfullydressed. Since the boob-tee joined my closet crew a few months back I haven't been able to stop wearing it. From my flute-skirts, to faux leather, to jeans and even to formal wear the tee went with everything. I began to wear it so much it was like my second skin, something so natural to wear I began to forget the true nature of the item. To me the cartoon boobs were like the ones I never had, so nothing was really off when I wore the shirt which ended up in me walking around in the city going shopping, or to the dentist in the tee and getting stared at and finding it shocking. Even though I began dressing my tee up with more formal items such as my blinged out sandals or baby blue trousers in public people couldn't see past the boobs. At first I chalked it up to it just being the "strangers-who-didn't-know-me" who couldn't handle my fake boobs (or the anti free-the-nipple association) but once again I learnt the hard way that sometimes your toughest critics (and outfit haters) can come from your close circle of family and friends. And the worst part is they mean it sincerely. So I present to you: The Lounge Lesson On my way to Finland a few months back I was on a tight schedule. Get on a two hour flight, get in a car and drive to a party. There would be no time to change (and having recently undergone a personal fiasco I wasn't in the mood to switch clothes in an airport toilet) so I decided that I'd pull off something casual chic. For such an outfit you need to follow this equation:
Something Casual + A statement something + killer accessories = Casual Chic. In my case it ended up being something like this: Ripped Knee Skinny Jeans + My Boob Tee + Bling Sandals and clutch = Very embarrassed dad. It's not often that my parents (mainly my mom) interfere with an outfit of mine, but every so often when I tend to get on the "Yes-it's-crude-deal-with-it" mood we exchange a few words over it. In this case my dad strictly told me to keep my coat on in the airport lounge. My tee was confusing, angering and really just plain old upsetting to the other travelers... who happened to be elder men in suits. To me it felt like a double standard. If I had to sit in the same room smelling men who clearly a)Bathed in cologne b) Replaced deodorant with cologne (or c) Did both a and b) they would just as well have to bear my amazing tee-shirt. After all they were just barely B sized cartoon boobs with not a lot of accuracy. Explaining my fight for fashion rights to a business man who also happens to be my dad isn't really time well spent because I will always loose.( Even if my arguments are better (and for the greater good) he can and will always pull the "Because I'm your father card") So we compromised. I keep my coat on but I can leave it unzipped. It seemed to suit the both of us, my boob tee was free and the only one (or seemingly the only one) who had to see it was my dad. I thought this was only for the time spent in the lounge but as it turns out my dad insisted that as long as I was in the airport, air plane or in sight of other business and regular travelers my coat could not come off. This for me was the problem, my coat wasn't a part of my casual chic equation, but rather just there to do what a coat should: Keep me warm. And a few glasses of rosé was doing a better job at it then my actual coat was. By the time I made it to Finland I was coming down from my rosé high, my hair had started to curl and my outfit didn't look as cool as it had when I was fresh. Add that with my still embarrassed dad I was feeling everything but chic. By the time I went to the party my mood was so bad that I started to feel uncomfortable in my outfit and I wasn't able to enjoy the party.
It was a while again until I was able to wear this tee shirt again and feel good (or less judged for loving something so crude) all I had to do was pair it up with a little bit of pink. I guess in the end you never really should let other people dictate what you wear, but you also should take their suggestions seriously.
Happy September Babes!


(The Boob Tee - NeverfullyDressed)
(Candy Colored Tulle Skirt - Zara)
(Candy Heels - Zara)
(Faux Leather Pink Purse - Bershka)