Thursday, June 5, 2014

Socks & Sandals

I'll just go out and say it: Socks and sandals is a love it or hate it look. Well 90% hate and only 10% love. And even then most of that 10% is made up of old timer tourists trying to save their toes from sun burn whilst simultaneously enjoying the comfort of sandals... strappy or not. But as of late I grew in aw of the way ankle socks can compliment a simple dress in an edgy way. (Especially when paired up with pool side style sandals that are way over blinged, but obviously still loved) Whilst in Mallorca this outfit actually seemed the most fitting of any that I wore because I could fit in amongst the more elderly end of the tourists and their sense of leisurely holiday style. All I needed was a tight fitting straw hat and an early bird dinner and I would have been perfect. However my glory in fitting in didn't last long once the sun went down and my fellow sock&sandal rocking tourists went back to their dwellings.
Even on an island filled with tourists and other foreigners like my self I don't think I could have fitted in any less. But in all honesty I didn't mind, because as is the case with socks and sandals, if you love what you're wearing you'll be confident. And if you're confident you'll always look good. 
Happy Thursday !

 ( S O C K S & S A N D A L S   A T T I R E )
(White dress - Bershka)
(Clear Sunnies - Topshop)
(Watch - Miss Selfridge)
(Lace Chain Bracelet - Freedom)
(Ankle Socks - Primark)
(Blinged out Sandals - Zara)


  1. I saw you at brandy today, I was too scared to say hi but you're really gorgeous ❤️

  2. I love this look on you, your text is really inspiring :)

  3. what an awesome outfit! your style is seriously flawless.
    Emma xx