Friday, June 13, 2014

Pineapple Express

I remember buying this knitted pineapple purse from H&M for my friend Ana as a goodbye present about a year ago. At the time the purse was a gag gift to match the watermelon purse she had purchased for our trip to Ibiza. To say the least my friend Ana has a vibrant sense of style. Matching her two cultures together, the love of quirky prints from the states and the elegant practical wear from her time spent in Europe, she pulls off wearing items like fruit shaped purses. It is through her sense of unique style that this outfit came together in the most brilliant of ways. 
I first ran into the jumpsuit during a work-break-retail-therapy session. I had had a bad day and decided that to calm my nerves I should run through Zara's first spring collection. I was fairly late in the game to see the items, as the line had been released at least four weeks prior to my visit, but that is the exact reason me and this jumpsuit were united. As soon as I hit the upstairs section I couldn't keep my eyes off this floor length white jumpsuit. With it's simple cut, classic trousers and open back, it was pure beauty....but only in sizes M and above. After using my shoddy german skills trying to explain that I needed to find the jumpsuit in a smaller size, as the two of us were meant to be, the salesman directed me to another mall about forty-five minutes away from the city center. My moment of serendipity faded as the alarm on my phone rang reminding me I was needed back at work. I didn't hesitate calling my number one partner in crime, when it comes to clothes, my mother. I urgently explained to her the rarity of this jumpsuit and that I needed it desperately. After a bribe or two my mother finally accepted the mission. Low and behold after work the size XS jumpsuit was waiting for me in my bedroom in all it's glory. I immediately began pairing it up with all the various heels and accessories that were conveniently spread across my messy bedroom floor. But everything seemed too obvious and overdone, in short nothing looked fresh. After three hours of probing my closet for the perfect accessories I hung the jumpsuit up in my closet feeling defeated. I couldn't wear it bare and I certainly couldn't return it, not after all the hard work to get it. How could my jumpsuit soul mate not get along with all my other items? I figured I hadn't dug deep enough into my closet so for now the jumpsuit would just have to be saved for a rainy day. 
I began to sift through photos on tumblr with some ben&jerry's to cheer my self up for failing my new jumpsuit when I found photos of that comical knitted pineapple purse. A fashionista had actually paired it up with an LBD! I couldn't believe it. At first I laughed at the aspect of wearing the purse seriously since I had bought it as a gag gift, but the more I looked at the outfit the more I was reminded of my friend Ana. (The owner of the same fruit shaped accessory) If my friend could pair her two mis-matching cultures together into breath taking outfits maybe the pineapple purse could be the perfect match to my jumpsuit. It was a crazy idea but I immediately emailed my friend urging her to bring the purse along on our trip to Mallorca. Nothing I already owned had worked with my jumpsuit so this fruity risk was my last chance to make amends to the shaky start of our relationship. Thankfully the night I wore this jumpsuit to dinner and I first introduced the two items to each other it turned out they were more meant to be than me and the jumpsuit itself. Like Jason Derulo I really could hear the trumpets go.




  1. WOW your text is always really fun to read :) and who always takes your pictures? they're so HD and always really fun xx

    1. Thank you so much :) Either my friend from Arizona (you can find her work under JLL photography on facebook) or my sister :) x