Thursday, June 19, 2014

Five Stages of The Hunt

We all know the feeling of finding something special, you can't stop imagining yourself in it. When you find it in a store it's simple, you can try it on and if it's everything you dreamed of you can get it. Just like that. However the trouble is finding something online, especially just from a photo on tumblr, and trying to get that into your hands. The process of finding something online to getting it on your body is what we call The Hunt. 
Ever since I saw Burberry's SS/14 line I have been obsessed with high waisted sheer skirts. The fact that burberry made both high waisted underwear super attractive and totally sheer skirts classy and socially acceptable at the same time I was in awe. The only issue was that I'm not in a position to drop 4000e on just a skirt. This however did not stop me from hunting down something similar in order to complete the look. Wether it'd be a sheer dress I can pull off high waisted underwear underneath or a lace midi skirt I can pair up with graphic tees I wouldn't give up the hunt until I got my goal. Fortunately for me a few weeks into my obsession I spotted a baby blue lace piece at Zara, both high waisted and midi. I was immediately in love. Problem was none of the stores I visited had my size. A few weeks into the size hunt I realized I was too late in the game for this skirt, defeated I gave up and tried to get over the issue. Truth be told the SS/14 collection by Burberry was my first love. And a first love is hard to give up, to forget about and definitely hard to get over. I googled ways to get over your first love and I tried all the steps, I blocked Burberry off my phone and my laptop. Anything that reminded me of the collection I avoided. I talked with my friends about the issue and they helped me through the tough times. At night if I couldn't fall asleep because my mind was missing the beauty in the lace detail I'd watch sex and the city (they have a lot of fashion involved) I even tried the less moral tactics like using another brand to get over the first one. I began trying on Maison Margiela and Chanel to see if anything would spark up a flame. None did. I tried other things like listing all the cons of the SS/14 collection, my list resulted of two things. 1.The sheer skirt with the underwear might only actually be acceptable on the runway and 2. I didn't own a piece of the magic. Eventually I went through the five steps of grief too. 

1. Denial: The Burberry Skirts and I could remain in love (as long as I hid the price tag) nothing was wrong with our relationship.
2.Anger: No search engine could find me something similar. Zara online didn't even have my size or the item. The anger came naturally.
3.Bargaining: I would stop shopping if I could get this skirt. At least for like a month.
4.Depression: The fact that I might never get to pull off this look made me eat an abnormal amount of ben and jerrys. 
5.Acceptance: ..... well to be honest I never made it to this stage. 
The Hunt was still on. 

About 103 days after I had first set eyes on my first love, my first love finally found me. Zara had now released the all black version of the dream skirt embodying all the perfect factors of the unattainable Burberry love of mine. I didn't even bother trying the skirt on. It was my size, and it was my first love. I got it. There is no way me and another skirt could be as happy as me and this lace piece are now. In short love is hard. Letting go of your first love is probably one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do. In the process of trying to forget my first love, I had to try on other styles that I had no chemistry with, fight with constant mood swings, binge eating and the stages of grief. But in the end it was worth it to keep the torch for my first love, even though at times the skirt was unattainable in the end it all worked out. Me and my Burberry love got our happily ever after and I wouldn't have it any other way. Even though I experienced all the five stages of the hunt the skirt was worth the wait. 

(F I V E   S T A G E S  A T T I R E)
(Print Tee - ZARA)
(Lace Midi - ZARA)
(Strappy Heels - XXI)
(Bunny Phone Case - Street Market)


  1. you look so great tan :)

  2. love love love your skirt babe

    1. thank you so much, I really love it too :)

  3. link to the burberry one? i'd love to see the skirt that caused so much pain haha! also, what happened to fashion doping? x

  4. :( :(
    Fashion Doping didn't get enough time and attention, but the clothing set up for that will be on sale eventually :)