Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mickey Mouse Club

I have been in love with these "mickey mouse" sunglasses for ages, and I was more then ecstatic when I received them as a part of a generous gift from Every time I wear them I feel like mickey mouse, so I decided to go for the full Mickey Mouse Club look. Including my ultra favorite long sleeve tee ;) As for Finland, I'm not even sorry to say I haven't worked out and I've been solely focusing on eating food. There is only so much food a girl can eat in a few days. #Sorrynotsorry
Happy Sunday Babes !
 (T H E    M I C K E Y    M O U S E   C L U B )
(Mickey Tee - Street Market)
(Jersey Skirt - Hennes & Mauritz)
(Jersey Sneakers - Hennes & Mauritz)
(Biker Coat - Zara)
(Tote - Mango)

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  1. Love the sun glasses :)

  2. haven't you worn this outfit before?

    1. Yeah maybe a year or so back, I gave it a newer twist with the glasses and the coat though :)

  3. i hate this outfit...sorry.

  4. dear, you look so cool! amazing outfit!
    Emma xx

  5. I love this outfit, you are dead gorgeous !