Saturday, November 23, 2013


#T H R O W B A C K

I've gotten my mail almost flooded with questions about what inspires my style so instead of going through my tumblr page and showing all those beautiful photos someone else created I'll show you a few of my own. To safely say, as with any other person, at least 50% of my inspiration (if not more) comes from the younger version of me. Wether it was a good choice (or more likely in my case an utterly horrible one) about dressing, posing or just plain being, there is always something new to find from those old images. The few here are from 2009-2010 (when I was 15). As much as I want to say I look completely different and have matured a great deal since these days I haven't, I recently found myself with the same hair cut I was working four years ago.

I'll give you the short list of what these images have taught me: (In relative order)
1. Not to wear unicorn party hats, unless it's a party gift at a birthday party.
2. Cheap shots can look very 90's, the looking-far-off-into-the-distance is just bad posing.
3.Wavy beach hair is good, it's the maximum effort to look effortless. (short colored nails are also good)
4.accessories can either make or break an outfit.
5.Posing a middle-finger&pout combination doesn't make you look like Posh spice. It makes you look completely and utterly silly. (Also super bleach blonde hair doesn't look natural on anyone who wasn't born with super blonde hair, and then it still looks a bit odd)
6.You have to have your go to comfy outfit. This has not changed for me since I was 12, leggins, long sleeve tee (because I am from the north) scarf and home made woollie socks are the key to a relaxed day.


  1. you. are. too. cute. <3

  2. aww bless!! love this post lotta-liina

  3. this is awesome :D

  4. you look so different in each of the photos :D It's crazy but really cool babe

  5. ah this is my favorite post by you so far :)

  6. your smile is perfect :) So sunny!